Graeme has been making ships’ models since he was a small child. His reputation as a craftsman and one of the world’s finest ships’ model builders, is well established, but he still retains his passion for ships and the sea and all things maritime that he had as a small boy.
Growing up in post-war Wellington, Graeme’s initial model endeavours were made of more prosaic stuff. Plasticine and balsa wood were the only materials available to a nascent model builder at the time, but Graeme remembers those days with much fondness.

Graeme began his working career as an art director and graphic designer. He soon became a leading designer for some of the most prestigious international advertising agencies, culminating in senior positions in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.
During this time Graeme juggled the demands of a busy and demanding career with that of his love for building model ships.

In 2000, Graeme retired from the advertising business, allowing him to concentrate on his true passion.
Since then, Graeme has been in the envious position of being able to devote all his efforts to ship’s modelling, receiving accolades for his work and the deserved respect of collectors and aficionados throughout the world.

Graeme is currently building the following models:
Ice Breaker in 1/72 scale from the Graupner kit of Kontio
Leander WW 2 Light Cruiser 1/200 scale
SS Earnslaw 1/72 scale and 1/96 scale >

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Future projects include:
SS Queen Mary 1, 1/200 scale.
SS United States, 1/200 scale. >
HMS Warspite, 1/128 scale. >