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Graeme Martin, the principal of Shipmodels Downunder, is an internationally acclaimed builder of model ships whose work over the past twenty years has graced naval and maritime museums, corporate boardrooms and private collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Graeme is renowned for his bespoke approach to commissions and for the superb craftsmanship, detail, accuracy and finish of his work.

Prior to building any model, whether it be a World War Two Warship, a modern naval vessel, passenger ship, tug boat or cargo ship, Graeme applies the same rigour to research and planning as he does to the actual model construction.

It is this meticulous approach that has established his reputation among discerning clients and collectors, worldwide.

If you are thinking of investing in a model ship, talk to Graeme, a model ship builder who will exceed your expectations. Graeme welcomes your enquiries.

I have had other models of famous liners and battle - ships built by the very best model-makers in Canada and the UK, and Graeme is entirely competitive with them. g
Contact Graeme from anywhere in the world for further information -
Email: shipmodeler@xtra.co.nz
Tel: +647 574 3776
Mob: 02 1150 9095
or write to Graeme Martin
or write to Graeme Martin -
13B Balmacewen Place
Mt Maunganui 3116
New Zealand
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